Weight Loss/Control Through Concept Eating

“The path to long term good health.”

The adverse impact of obesity on the health of an individual is well known. Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and arthritis (among others) can be directly linked to obesity.

 As a practicing internist for several years, I have come to appreciate that very often my most important guidance is not contingent on the medication(s) I prescribe, the screening test(s) I order, or the referral(s) I make. Rather it is my ability to persuade a patient to take a more ACTIVE role in his/her own health.

Toward that end, in our clinic we focus on weight loss. In countless cases the patient’s ability to lose weight will benefit his/her present and long term health more than any prescribed medication.

We discourage “dieting.” Rather we recommend a principle we call “concept eating.”  We are finding significant success in teaching patient’s to approach eating in a satisfactory and sustainable manner that facilitates weight lass, and then, most importantly, the successful maintenance of weight loss. In doing so we are able to partner with the patient to lay the foundation for long term good health.

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